October 14, 2013: New Projects

Finally decided to update my website with a few new projects...this update was a long time coming

July 21, 2011: Projects page update

Lots up updates! New games I've been working on as well as new side projects (Gamma World, Daggerdale, HuckCity Engine)

January 7, 2007: New Pictures and Particle System Project up

I've put up pictures from Suit Night, New Years, Tacky Xmas Wear Night and London Life's Xmas party. I've also added a particle system that I've been working on in my spare time. It's not complete yet, but good enough to show some of it.

September 4, 2006: New Pictures up

I've put up pictures from Convocation, On-site interviews i've had and a boozefest at Wasaga Beach with the boys.

July 24, 2006: I'm a working man!

Well, after interviewing with many companies over the past few months, I have decided to start a career in the game industry with Silicon Knights based in St.Catharines. I will be working on Artificial Intelligence and gameplay for an unannounced game on next-gen systems.

June 16, 2006: New Look and Feel

Welcome to the new and improved Huck City Website, the home of all the information you could want about Andrew Hoculik. I just finished revamping the website to give it this brand new look and make it a little more "edgier" then before. I hope everyone likes the improvements.

June 10, 2006: It's Official!

I have officially finished my undergrad at the University of Waterloo with a "Bachelor of Computer Science, Honours Computer Science/Software Engineering Option, Co-operative Program" degree. Five years of hard work and pain have ended and I am now currently seeking employment oppurtunities. I built this website so that possible employers would be able to easily look at my resume, as well as projects that I have completed and am currently working on.

I am currently experimenting with 3D graphics using OpenGL and C++. I have developed a few small projects using OpenGL and 2D projects using SDL and C++. These projects can be viewed using the projects link.

Feel free to look around using the menu at the top of the screen.